Now for that flying machine…

It’s been a bit of a Renaissance for, well, Renaissance cartoons for me in the past few weeks. Anyway, I’ve had a few requests for prints of this one, so if you want one, you can either contact me or just buy one now. Prints use quality Epson inks on archival textured paper and look bloody fantastic if you ask me.

A4 signed print $66 [wp_cart:Leonardo Airport Security A4 print:price:66.00:end]

A3 signed print $88 [wp_cart:Leonardo Airport Security A3 print:price:88.00:end]


Will the iFridge save cartooning?

The iPad is soon to be upon us, and with any luck will save newspapers from certainish doom. It looks like a pretty damn cool device for reading a newspaper, but I suspect the good old crushed tree experience is the way to go with novels for a few years yet.