Let’s face it, the outlook for newspapers currently looks a bit grim. The only person who seems keen on them at all is Gina Rinehart (paywalled link), and rather unfortunately, her love seems pretty much unrequited on the suspicion that she might force everybody say nice things about mining (mining is lovely by the way, just in case). This is a pity for all concerned.

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Pixels by the barrel

The Australian 21 June 2012

The yarn’s the thing of course, like Shakespeare didn’t entirely say, but virtual yarn isn’t quite the same.

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(Sorry, original for this one is sold.)

Go east, young magnate…

The Australian 20 June 2012

Honestly, it’s nice to know somebody still wants to buy a newspaper.

The real question is will she be a very mogully magnate or a magnate of a mogul?

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Here, have a cartoon for free. I am now part of the problem. Bugger.

The Australian 19 June 2012

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