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The infamous painting of Big Red In The Tub by Walkley Award winning cartoonist me is on the wall at my exhibition at the Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre. Big Red’s hot tub marks a tumultuous period in Tasmanian history and is for direct sale for $3500 or you can bid for it on ebay here (currently a snip SOLD at $100 $120 $193.49 $406  $610! $1277) Apparently, it will be gracing a bathroom in its new home. Happy hot tubbing, I say.

Also at the exhibition are my favourite 20 newspaper cartoons for 2008 and some other paintings:

hot tub not good enough for latte-sipping elites

There’s nothing sadder than the passing of a great head in politics. The recent demotion of Brendan has been a real loss to all caricaturists, but is nothing compared to the retirement of political cartoonist’s wet dream, Big Red Paul Lennon.

As an homage to (and possibly exorcism of) the only politician to rival Joh Bjelke for Services To Political Cartooning, I painted the big fella in his hot tub for the Salamanca Collection Art Prize (theme: Tasmania: A Sense Of Place). You simply don’t get any more Tasmanian than the ex-Premier’s ex-office, which I’m sure the new boy Bartlett is finding to be a damn big tub to fill.

Sadly, the Salamanca Collection chardonnay sipping judges who were entirely independent of the cutting edge Salamanca Collection (edited for accuracy) were nowhere near hardcore enough to put it in the exhibition, so I’ve put an image up here for Furtherance of The Good Name Of Tasmania.

The original will be on display in all its 1.8-ish square metres of canvassy glory in my own exhibition of paintings at the Sidespace Gallery starting December 5.

UPDATE: more on this at The Mercury and The Tasmanian Times.