Hobart Snow Trip


When I was a kid, no trip up the mountain in the snow was complete without a snowman on the bonnet of the car. This being an unsecured load seems like a fairly stupid idea, but you know, wilder times back in the old days. There always used to be little piles of snow on the road at the first lights at the bottom of the mountain where they’d gracefully slide off.

Prints and originals available at the Phone Box Gallery.

Half-Past Cat



I have owned 3 black cats – Kaiser, Monty and Solly, though Kaiser (the first and now sadly deceased) was a very stylish tuxedo model. Black cats never go out of fashion.

The thing about a Hobart winter is that when the sun’s out it can be quite pleasant, but any sort of impediment to direct sunlight is a ticket for instant hypothermia.

This is a memory of Kaiser when he used to catch a few rays in the sparser months. The low winter sun would cause long patches of light to angle through the window and when it had moved far enough so over 50% of his fur was no longer in sunlight, this was exactly his expression before, with a baleful look at the sky, he’d move himself to the leading edge, turning about three times to get resettled. Tough life.

Prints and original artwork available from the Phone Box Gallery.

Winter Shorts


When I was a kid at Mount Stuart Primary, I was known for my winter uniform of shorts, short sleeve shirt and two pairs of socks as distinct from my summer uniform of shorts, short sleeve shirt and one pair of socks (I would wear shoes occasionally as well).

I have always been of the mind that if you’re feeling the cold you are simply not trying hard enough, and yes, I judge you for putting on a jumper.

Prints and original artwork available from the Phone Box Gallery.