I dragged myself along to the Australian Cartoonists’ Association annual Stanley Awards on the weekend. Fortunately there are no photographs, but it turned out a bit like this:
However, my main topic of conversation is David Pope, winner of the Stanley Award for World’s Tallest Cartoonist, who casually mocked this blog (“mogged” to the hep crowd) for its sporadic entrifying by myself. I am a very busy man, but JUST FOR MISTER TALLBUM POPE WHO CLEARLY HAS NOTHING BETTER TO DO, I will attempt to be more forthcoming in the future.

Life Drawing excursion

I managed to drag myself all the way to a life drawing session for to first time in about a year. It’s pretty much the only time you can go and stare at a naked lady for a couple of hours and feel virtuous. I use a Cintiq for most of my work these days and it was nice to make real lines on real paper for a change.