Yes, it was me

Yes, I forgot to sign this cartoon from today’s Media section of the Oz. I was going to attempt to pass it off as an incredibly subtle extra joke for the extremely observant, but nobody’s buying it.

Anyway, if I disappear now, it’s because I was hounded into revealing my secret cartoonist identity. Thanks very much, observant people.

…well he IS kind of runty.

Hold the front page!

I’m filling in for Peter Nicholson this week for the page 1 cartoon on The Australian. It’s always a tricky one as you never know what’s going to get up until quite late, and sometimes you end up with a good ten minutes to come up with a cartoon from start to finish, but a bit of creative tension never hurt anybody…

It’s over dude, move on.

Today The Dismissal turns thirty. It’s time for it to reassess its life, realise it’s got a liver and start getting home at a decent time to watch The Bill. It’s nice that the Labor Party have guaranteed the Senate can’t block supply by giving The Libs control of both houses, but this is not a long term strategy. There are so many other things to be pissed off about these days.