See and hear the cartoonist!

Well, if you wanted to hear me on Sydney local ABC radio, you missed it. It was on Thursday.

However, I will be in Canberra this weekend for this (and I quote)

Behind the Lines: Panel discussion
Sunday 4 February 2007, 2–3.30pm
Join some of Australia’s most recognised political cartoonists including Bruce Petty, Peter Nicholson, Sean Leahy and Jon Kudelka as they discuss animation and political film satire.
The Studio. Free. Bookings essential on (02) 6208 5021.

…except Sean Leahy won’t be there as he’s got a life.

Be sure to recognise me if you see me or I’ll be quite hurt.

It’s only patriotic until somebody starts a riot

flag terrorists
Apparently, organisers have received intelligence of suicide flaggers targeting this year’s Big Day Out and in the interests of public safety have asked people to leave their flags at home. If the spirit of rock and roll is not completely dead amongst the youth of this country, this should result in every single attendee turning up looking like Bruce Ruxton at a dress-up-like-the-flag-or-you’re-a-poofter themed barbie on Anzac day all the way down to their packets of vegemite flavoured condoms.