The Kudelka Up The Wall Exhibition


The Mill That Wasn't There

The Mill That Wasn't There

I finally got around to doing the adding up for the Exhibition, and over the nine days, we ended up getting 1263 people through the gallery, so we’ll definitely be doing it again next year. All originals are spoken for, though prints are still available. To see them, go here.

Looks like The Mill That Wasn’t There’s going to haunt us for at least another couple of years.

Happy New Year


first published in The Australian 31/12/08

first published in The Australian 31/12/08

The main difference between a canary down a coal mine and a freelance cartoonist in an economic recession tends to be that people feel a bit sorry for the canary, so it looks like 2009’s going to be a hoot, but mustn’t grumble, and would you like fries with that? (just practicing).

So eat drink and be merry because tomorrow we don’t have to get up for work and have the whole day to sleep it off.

Hmm, this is turning out to be not all that cheerful. I’m sure everything will be lovely.

Happy New Year from me.

A very particular fetish




Well, Big Red In The Tub finally sold on ebay for $1277 and will be most appropriately gracing the buyer’s newly designed bathroom. Bon voyage big fella, I have plans for a great big Bartlett In The Sandpit for next year if he survives that long.

Just one final parting pleasure for Paul Lennon’s portrait – I was checking my blog stats the other day and one of the google search terms that brought someone to the site was “erotic hot tubbing paintings”. I can only imagine the poor chap’s disappointment when Big Red appeared… or perhaps it was just what was wanted, which is indeed an appalling thought, but the internet’s a broad church. Different strokes and all that…


check it out on ebay here

The infamous painting of Big Red In The Tub by Walkley Award winning cartoonist me is on the wall at my exhibition at the Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre. Big Red’s hot tub marks a tumultuous period in Tasmanian history and is for direct sale for $3500 or you can bid for it on ebay here (currently a snip SOLD at $100 $120 $193.49 $406  $610! $1277) Apparently, it will be gracing a bathroom in its new home. Happy hot tubbing, I say.

Also at the exhibition are my favourite 20 newspaper cartoons for 2008 and some other paintings:

The tough questions…

Kudelka cartoon first published in The Australian, 1/11/08

Kudelka cartoon first published in The Australian, 1/11/08

As we rapidly race towards the Financial End Times, we may all want to work out how we’re going to explain it to the kiddies (I’m going for the Reverse Santa angle myself).

If you want a print, just ask.