Where else but Queensland?

You’ve got to love the dogged persistence of Queensland coppers when it comes to not quite getting their heads around the whole ethics thing.

I was working on the above pocket cartoon for this story in the Oz last night about them trying desperately to make two wrongs make a right, but got bumped to another story for layout.

This was a damn shame not only because I’d just come up with what I thought was a nice idea and nice ideas don’t grow on bloody trees my friends, but also because Maggie had already cracked open the nice wine. Anyway, there was a little bit of red left when I finally finished, so all was not lost.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke


I’m not one to gloat (openly) at the misfortune of others, but in the case of this evil bastard, I’ll make an exception. It turns out everyone’s favourite crazy-haired dictator Kim Jong-il has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so just as long as they keep him away from any big red buttons for the next 6 months or so, the world can only become a better place.

Coriander culture

The Weekend Australian Review 27/6/09

The Weekend Australian Review 27/6/09

It’s a tricky business being a multicultural society. Keating was dead keen on Australia becoming part of Southeast Asia, whereas little Johnny wasn’t quite as enamoured with the prospect, though I did nearly bump into him once as he emerged from the local Indian restaurant outside Kirribilli station, no doubt after tucking into a big plate of butter chicken and garlic naan…. which brings me rather clumsily to the point.

The way to an Australian multicultural society is undoubtedly through its 20-odd million stomachs. Hopefully at some point our exciting cultural diversity will extend beyond the gastrointestinal tract, and at least under Kevin, we’ll have a bloke who can order off the Chinese menu in the original Mandarin.

Waiting for Pulpmill

The Hobart Mercury, 30 June 2009

The Hobart Mercury, 30 June 2009

The whole stinking Gunns pulp mill shemozzle has turned into a sort of Beckett play where you really hope Godot doesn’t turn up in the end. Gunns are apparently “moving forward positively with the preferred partner”. I do hope somebody has told their preferred partner that the mill has been costing a million dollars every day it’s been delayed since September 2007, so by my calculations it’s already around $670 million dollars in the hole. All I can say is thank god the RPDC wasn’t allowed to hold the bloody thing up.