Kudelka and First Dog’s Spiritual Journey

The explosive and hitherto unseen collected diaries of JON KUDELKA and FIRST DOG ON THE MOON recounting the first safari of the Global Electrovelocipede Whisky Appreciation National Treasure Gonzo Cartoonist Other People’s Money Expeditionary Society. There is whisky, bickering and also cheese.

So incomprehensible I have a feeling it must be important. Hugh Riminton

What a crock. In a nice way. Cathy Wilcox

What could possibly go wrong? Jon Kudelka & F. Onthemoon Esq.

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  1. Half way through reading this. Wonderful fun, lots of chortling going on. Love your hard case illustrations.

    My only gripe is you’re selling it for $32 and I paid $40 for it on a recent visit to Tassie. Grumpectomy plus.

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