Marginal electorates bring your brollies

Denison really needs to get a bit more organised if we ever want to get some decent swag out of a federal election. Next time somebody asks, it’s very simple, say Liberal or Green. Then we get stuff. Nobody’s going to hold you to it on the day.

The Hobart Mercury, 17 July 2010

Thou shalt not raid aid ships in international waters and expect people to believe the other guys started it

The Hobart Mercury 2/6/2010

It turns out that the Israeli commandos had just popped in to play a quiet game of shuffleboard, then one of the passengers looked at them funny, and, well, what happens on the cruise stays on the cruise…

Happy 2010

The Australian 1/1/10

It’s going to be an Olympic year for cartoonists with a federal election coming up, and hopefully Tony Abbott will last long enough as Opposition leader to contest it, because if there is a god, Tony is His gift to political cartoonists. Thanks god.

The Mercury 2/1/10

…and just some food for thought if you’re tempted to make some New Years’ resolutions.
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