Seriously, they are quite bad for you

The Hobart Mercury 5 April 2011

The latest plan is for Big Tobacco to have little calls to arms to smokers tucked inside the plain packaging with pictures of rotting body parts and a warning that you will get cancer on it that’s kept behind the counter out of sight containing smoking death sticks that you have to go out on to the street to smoke while passers-by glare at you with hatred and contempt.

Let’s face it, these people are probably pretty much impervious to arguments to the contrary anyway.

Oh, THAT pulp mill…

The Hobart Mercury 23 March 2011

I’m not entirely sure what pulp mill everyone thought they were talking about up to this point, but├é┬áTasmania’s forest, er, peace talks have peacefully segued from vague mentions of “a” nice, friendly, peaceful pulp mill to “the” pulp mill. Remember that one?

Anyway it seems to boil down to “hand over the social licence or the trees get it”. Good luck with that, everybody.