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The Sunday Telegraph 13 March 2011

Families: bedrock of society or left-wing conspiracy?

These days parents can compare and contrast their kiddies’ school and soon their childcare centre with a click of the mouse, but do their kids get a chance to check if their own parents measure up? Are the biggest influences on these vulnerable mites’ lives exposed to a bit of healthy competition? Are mums and dads that don’t measure up named and shamed in the righteous cause of improving standards? No, they are not.

Sounds awfully bloody socialist to me.

Please send money

Sunday Telegraph, 6 March 2011

We hear a lot about how hard politicians work for so little remuneration, mostly from politicians of course, but I personally believe every word they say.

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When would be a good time for you?

The Sunday Telegraph, 20 Febtober 2011

Dear Scott, the appropriate time to whip up racism for political gain is never… and Tony, while we’re handing out advice of the bleeding obvious variety, a big man doesn’t let this sort of crap go on during his watch. Cheers chaps, hope this helps.

…and because it’s Sunday, here’s the wordier version.

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