Happy rapture day

unpublished rough

Have a great rapture, people! Or if by some chance you’re not one of the Chosen, possibly due to an administrative oversight or maybe you’re just plain evil or even just a little bit crap, then make sure you’ve checked your insurance policy. Prudence is next to godliness, or as close as you’re going to get anyway, sinner.

A slightly fishy ending

The Sunday Telegraph 8 May 2011

I still think the whole buried at sea thing was Hollywood leaving the door open for a sequel. Anyway here’s today’s from The Sunday Tele and below is another rough that didn’t find a home because there are only so many cartoons you can get published in a week, but hey, it’s passed its expiry date and I thought it was kind of funny…

Non, je ne regrette rien

unpublished rough

There didn’t seem to be a place for this cartoon all week and it’s probably passed its use-by date, which is a pity because I do think that The Sculpture Garden Of Things Which In Retrospect People In Public Life Probably Wish They Hadn’t Said would be a salutory experience for us all. It would certainly make twitter a more exciting place, though the world would probably run out of marble in a hurry.

Anyway, the little fella’s contribution to the 2008 US election campaign deserves another airing in light of the circumstances of last week, so here it is.

No smirking

unpublished rough

As we all know, the Chaser’s Royal Wedding commentary has been abolished by royal decree, thus surely removing the one connection most non-lobotomised Australians still actually have with the monarchy, which is of course taking the piss out of it.

Vive la Republique.

Blessed are the tweetmakers?

unpublished rough, 25 April 2011

I’m pretty sure that our soldiers didn’t fight in all those wars just so that the head of the Australian Christian Lobby could crucify himself on twitter, but it’s a free internet, and at least now we know what sort of lobbying he’s doing when he’s lobbying our politicians.

And now they know we know, which is probably a good thing too.