John Howard turns 101!

Yes, 101 uses for a John Howard has reached 101 just in time for the election. The book of the blog is also available from the site which contains 10 extra uses for GST including uses for Peter Costello, Tony Abbott, Brendan Nelson, Philip Ruddock, Kevin Andrews, Mark Vaile, Helen Coonan, Joe Hockey, Malcolm Turnbull and Alexander Downer.

Keeping Sydney safe from comedy

winning the war on satire
When one has been made to look like a complete and utter twat by having one’s $250 million security lockdown infiltrated by a handful of piss-takers on an ABC budget of probably a slab of beer and a medium sized margarita pizza, one should have the good grace to laugh. It seems the only bloke with a sense of humour is Alexander Downer, and that’s a worry.