Johnny’s House

Watching At Home With Julia tonight reminded me of ancient times in 2002 when me and a few mates knocked this slightly dodgy pilot up over a fairly insane few days for the grand budget of approximately zero dollars. Didn’t have quite as much luck hoiking it around the tv stations, but it was quite fun to make. There may have been hard liquor involved which is where the “approximate” part of the budget comes in. Good times.


Melbourne Writers’ Festival this Sunday

Tomorrow, if you really have nothing else to do, you may watch me drawing a picture, yes, drawing a picture, in Federation Square as part of Don’t Feed The Artists from 12 to 3pm. You may however buy me a coffee if you wish.

Later on, from 4 – 4:50 pm I will be doing a panel called The Art Of Insight with Andrews Marlton (Mr First Dog) and Weldon moderated by Robin Crowcher who will have a stun gun handy.

Now I will go catch a plane.

Hobart Winter Bus Stop Blues

I’ve* assembled a crack team to take out this year’s Salamanca Arts Centre Tasmania to Antarctica themed Quiz Night, and in honour of the month have donated the above ink and watercolour Hobart/Antarctic July-inspired drawing for the silent auction.

…And as the meta-theme for this post is themes, to keep with the charity theme I’m selling a limited edition of ten signed A5 digital archival prints of the above piece for $66 each and will be donating the lot to the East Africa Red Cross Appeal because let’s face it, a nippy wait for the bus isn’t that big a deal in the scheme of things.

So if you want one, click add to cart button below – $66 (unframed) postage included.

Hobart Winter Bus Stop Blues print unframed $66 [wp_cart:hobart_winter_blues_print_unframed:price:66.00:end]

*Okay, Maggie did the team assembling, as is apparent from the actual assembling of said team a week in advance rather than next Sunday afternoon.

Kevin flies again!

No, it’s not the greatest political comeback since Lazurus’ triple bypass, but the above Be Free, Kevin! just won the People’s Choice Award for the Behind the Lines 2010 exhibition at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta after winning it previously in Canberra, proving that both Parramattans and Canberrans have excellent taste.

The exhibition is travelling to Perth next, so do go along (feel free to vote for some other cartoon if you really must). It’s an excellent summation of a vintage year for political cartooning in Australia.