The Ides Of March!


Okay, the Ides of March was yesterday so you missed it, but (and here comes the best segue of 2013) DON’T MISS FIRST DOG ON THE MOON, CHRIS DOWNES AND MY GOOD SELF GOING ON AND ON ABOUT POLITICAL CARTOONING AT THE TASMANIAN WRITERS FESTIVAL TODAY IT WILL BE GREAT. It’s at 2pm at the Founders Room (off Wooby’s Lane in Salamanca). More details here.

Also a new exhibition of literary-type cartoons is up at the Phone Box, so go and look at them too.

So there’s Saturday sorted. You’re welcome.

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Illustrating The Now


I will be having session at the Tasmanian Writers’ Festival with First Dog On The Moon and Chris Downes called “Illustrating The Now” in which we shall divulge the secrets of the black art of political cartooning. It is on this Saturday at 2pm and you may buy tickets here. Do come along, it will be lovely.

Worst Best Hobbit

The Australian 21 April 2012

The Australian 21 April 2012

Look, rather than paying $20 or so to go and see a third of the Hobbit at the movies, you should definitely pay just $15 and get a calendar that covers the entire year with twelve glorious full-colour cartoon drawn in cutting edge 2-D (though I am thinking of selling it as a trilogy for 2014).

*Spoiler alert: Gollum appears as Mr February next year.

Paul Keating Insult Generator App

Look, for all you scumbags who are too tight to buy one of my calendars (which are only $15 I mean honestly that is an amazing bargain) you could always drop 99 cents on the new Paul Keating Insult Generator app by evil genius Dan Nolan.

I had to dredge up the caricature up from the halcyon days of the nineties when politics was the full iceberg and an insult was longer than three words and never repeated twice. Good times.

Calendar signing @Salamanca Arts Centre tonight (Friday)

I’ll be signing calendars from around 6pm – 8pm at the Phone Box tonight during late night shopping madness at the Salamanca Arts Centre. So come and get some calendars and other things of an artistic nature.