Paul Keating Insult Generator App

Look, for all you scumbags who are too tight to buy one of my calendars (which are only $15 I mean honestly that is an amazing bargain) you could always drop 99 cents on the new Paul Keating Insult Generator app by evil genius Dan Nolan.

I had to dredge up the caricature up from the halcyon days of the nineties when politics was the full iceberg and an insult was longer than three words and never repeated twice. Good times.

Calendar signing @Salamanca Arts Centre tonight (Friday)

I’ll be signing calendars from around 6pm – 8pm at the Phone Box tonight during late night shopping madness at the Salamanca Arts Centre. So come and get some calendars and other things of an artistic nature.

Salamanca stall tomorrow (November 10)

I will be at Salamanca tomorrow (right up the top near Davey St) selling calendars and prints from the calendar. It would be lovely if you would come and buy them for yourself and all your friends because there is no better way of being a good friend than to give somebody one of my calendars. If you can’t make it to Salamanca Market, then you can always buy one here, so don’t feel left out.