Vote Drink And Be Merry Democratic Beverage Labels

kevonbottPolitics and alcohol, what could possibly go wrong? Hahahaha, anyway, let’s face it, no matter who you like when Australia celebrates its glorious democracy, you can be bloody well sure you are going to need a drink. Make it ever so slightly special with a few of these Beverage Enhancing Stickers. Guaranteed to make you even more attractive to political wonks*, they are 6cm in diameter on gloss paper with advanced sticky technology on the back. Fifty cents per sticker plus $5.80** for overnight postage. There are only limited stocks so get in early, which will also mean they will get to you in time for the big day.


Note, I have taken the last batch to the post office, so if you want some to get to you in time for Saturday, you’ve missed out. Hobartians can get some at Off Centre Gallery in Salamanca unless they run out.

Click on the buttons below to buy. Shopping cart is on the top of the sidebar on the right. You can adjust the quantity of stickers in the shopping cart.

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 *not actually guaranteed to do this

**not available outside of Australia


The Ides Of March!


Okay, the Ides of March was yesterday so you missed it, but (and here comes the best segue of 2013) DON’T MISS FIRST DOG ON THE MOON, CHRIS DOWNES AND MY GOOD SELF GOING ON AND ON ABOUT POLITICAL CARTOONING AT THE TASMANIAN WRITERS FESTIVAL TODAY IT WILL BE GREAT. It’s at 2pm at the Founders Room (off Wooby’s Lane in Salamanca). More details here.

Also a new exhibition of literary-type cartoons is up at the Phone Box, so go and look at them too.

So there’s Saturday sorted. You’re welcome.

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Illustrating The Now


I will be having session at the Tasmanian Writers’ Festival with First Dog On The Moon and Chris Downes called “Illustrating The Now” in which we shall divulge the secrets of the black art of political cartooning. It is on this Saturday at 2pm and you may buy tickets here. Do come along, it will be lovely.

Worst Best Hobbit

The Australian 21 April 2012

The Australian 21 April 2012

Look, rather than paying $20 or so to go and see a third of the Hobbit at the movies, you should definitely pay just $15 and get a calendar that covers the entire year with twelve glorious full-colour cartoon drawn in cutting edge 2-D (though I am thinking of selling it as a trilogy for 2014).

*Spoiler alert: Gollum appears as Mr February next year.