Last Drinks – the tiger table


Here is me buying ex-Knopwoods pub tables from the tip shop. Many Olympic swimming pools of beer have been drunk at these tables and that is just by me. “I will draw something on these tables!” I said.


Historic chewing gum is noted during transport home. This has been removed and sent to the Museum.


I leave the tables in the back shed until I realise the deadline for Art From Trash is tomorrow. I lower expectations to drawing on one table. Sanded the top, and decided to just clean and re-oil the base to leave a bit of character. Maggie suggests a Tassie Tiger would be an appropriate design as it is as extinct as the pub the table came from. She is quite clever my wife. And very pretty and no you can’t have her.


Made the design a bit bigger and added some ferny type things to look fancy.


Burnt in tiger using my exciting new pyrography toy I had an excuse to buy for this important project.


First layer of stain and varnish.


Second layer of darker stain and varnish. Used lighter stain inside the tiger to make it look fancy. Oiled the base again.


Delivered Last Drinks to the Long Gallery at Salamanca Arts Centre. Opening is 6.30 tonight (Friday May 20) and it’s usually a great show. I had a bit of a look around and there is some pretty cool stuff – it’s open until the 1st of June. The table is for sale so feel free to buy it because it came up quite nicely if I do say so myself. I also have two more tables in the shed – the next one will be featuring swift parrots. If you’re interested in getting your hands on it contact me and I’ll get a wriggle on.

Relay For Life



I’ve donated the original framed artwork of The Mulch Harvest from the Hobart book for a raffle for one of my kids’ favourite teachers. She is currently being treated for cancer and is doing the Relay For Life. She is a lovely person who taught both my kids to love reading and writing. If you have a lazy $5 that will get you 5 tickets in the raffle with lots of excellent prizes. Not many left.

(please include your phone number in your order)

Five tickets for $5 [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=422]

Book Yoga



The Tasmanian Writers’ Festival starts today and I did a special art print for it. Prints will be available at the festival or you can buy one here. Click the image in the buy now thing below and it should pop up a bigger image (it won’t make you buy one if you do this though you totally should buy one).

I’m also doing “Whisky Tales – Stories You Can Drink To” with Brett Steel and Bernard Lloyd on Saturday night but it’s sold out so you can’t come. Unless you bought a ticket obviously. Look, there are lots of excellent things on and you should go.

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