Three year life drawing hiatus over

I actually managed to get organised with a pencil and some paper and get along to life drawing  for the first time in ages this morning. Always a character building experience when you’re rusty, but I bought a water soluble graphite pencil the other day, which I’ve never used before (I’m more of a piece of conte or charcoal and make a mess type usually) and decided to experiment, so had two excuses for stuffing everything up. In the end it didn’t work out too badly.

If you’re in Hobart, it’s a lovely group that meets at the Battery Point community hall 9.15 to 12.15 on Tuesdays – $20, byo materials and it includes all the instant coffee and biscuits you can eat (valid up to one biscuit).

viola lying standing seated



extreme life drawing

I’ve been trying to get along to Dr Sketchy’s for a while now, but have been thwarted by my charming habit of not finishing my cartoons until the very last possible second. Tonight, I finally got my cartoon knocked over a bit early and toddled along with a crayon and some paper.

As it was my first life drawing outing for about a year and a half, my drawings were pretty hideous, but I felt obliged to make an extra effort for the last one of the night. The model Bridget Bridge posed on top of a large pile of broken glass she had brought along specially for the occasion. Yes, really. For twenty minutes! There was talk of this being a record of some sort. Anyway, I ran out of time to draw all the glass, but it was there.