Remainder Bin

remainder bin
Another cartoon that’s been getting requests for prints – you latte-sipping Review readers clearly have far too much spare cash.

A truly great remaindered novel should not only be easy to light, but should also burn steadily for a long time. First published in the Review section of The Weekend Australian, September 8-9.

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derideo ergo sum

The Australian 17 June 2006

The Australian 17 June 2006

I’ve had a few requests for this cartoon which probably amounts to the cartoonist manifesto and which sounds far more convincing in Latin. First published in The Weekend Australian Review section 17-18 June 2006.

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We’re a happy club at Hawthorn…

club song
This cartoon appeared in the Review section of the Weekend Australian August 4-5 and seems to have struck a chord with supporters of the mighty Hawks (Tassie Hawks to us Tasmanians and for only $15 million bucks…)

Anyway, it’s up for sale as a print or fabulous T-shirt on Redbubble. Go the mighty Hawks unless they’re playing Collingwood. Or the Swans. I’m kind of fickle.