Saint Wally on the wall at the Sidespace Gallery

The Australian 8 October 2011

Saint Wally and 19 other Sightgeist cartoons are up at the Bread and Circuses exhibition at the Sidespace Gallery in the Salamanca Art Centre 9am to 5pm this weekend. So find your bloody wallet and come and buy a print or a calendar. You may also come and say nice things to me and/or buy me coffee.

Hobart Winter Bus Stop Blues

I’ve* assembled a crack team to take out this year’s Salamanca Arts Centre Tasmania to Antarctica themed Quiz Night, and in honour of the month have donated the above ink and watercolour Hobart/Antarctic July-inspired drawing for the silent auction.

…And as the meta-theme for this post is themes, to keep with the charity theme I’m selling a limited edition of ten signed A5 digital archival prints of the above piece for $66 each and will be donating the lot to the East Africa Red Cross Appeal because let’s face it, a nippy wait for the bus isn’t that big a deal in the scheme of things.

So if you want one, click add to cart button below – $66 (unframed) postage included.

Hobart Winter Bus Stop Blues print unframed $66 [wp_cart:hobart_winter_blues_print_unframed:price:66.00:end]

*Okay, Maggie did the team assembling, as is apparent from the actual assembling of said team a week in advance rather than next Sunday afternoon.

Put your faith in chocolate

The Weekend Australian Review 25 June 2011

I’ve been drawing The Sightgeist for the Review section of the Oz which is kinda a bit sorta on the same topic as the article beneath it this week’s being on religious faith). Having quite a lot of these now, I was considering collecting them into a book for your delectation, which would require the transfer of actual cash money in my direction.

So feel free to carefully consider the below options, then click “both”…

Would you buy a Sightgeist cartoon…

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Indicator rage @ Spacebar gallery

Framed ink and watercolour. Part of the Haikudelka exhibition, yours for $330 inc GST from Spacebar Gallery off Wooby’s Lane in Salamanca.

If you want to buy it and you’re not in the neighbourhood, it’s $350 inc postage. Contact me to buy as I’ll have to check it isn’t already sold.

Indicator Rage print unframed $33 [wp_cart:indicator_rage_print_unframed:price:33.00:end]