The Ghosts Of PMs (and Bits Of PMs) Past

Alright, just one more gall bladder joke (except for the one in tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph which is my favouritest gall bladder cartoon of all). I know, I know, but no jury that contained a majority of political cartoonists would convict me.

The Hobart Mercury 7 August 2010

The debate so far

The most revealing election debate has been the debate over whether to have a second debate.

When Tony thought it was in his interests for our two prospective leaders to deliver their scripted statements to our great democracy from the same TV stage at the same time, he was all for it, and later when Julia decided it was in her interests, so was she.

Unsurprisingly, Tony’s self-interest and Julia’s self-interest failed to coincide, and whether or not it was in the interests of the country to have a second debate never entered the equation, which probably tells you everything you need to know.

The Australian, 5 August 2010

Rebooting the franchise

After a two and a bit weeks of frantically moving forward, Julia will now be moving forwards in a slightly different direction, or possibly in the same direction, but doing a silly walk. Or wearing a slightly eccentric hat. Details aren’t clear, but be assured it will be different in some way. More real apparently, if that helps. Maybe the difference is simply that she will be banging on a lot about how she’s doing things differently now. Anyway, expect the unexpected, though the unexpected may well be that things will remain substantially the same, which is actually what I expect, so in fact I don’t, if you follow.

The Australian, 3 August 2010