2016 Kudelka Calendar


I have box of 2016 Kudelka It’s All About Me Calendars left and rather than chuck them out they are $6 with free postage. Yes, six bucks. Available until they’re all gone or I get sick of them getting in the way on my stairs. 13 glorious cartoons, cutting-edge hole-and-hook technology for hanging on the wall (hook not included) and a bespoke analogue surface with plenty of room for “writing” things on etc. Buy one for you, one for the toilet and one for the country.

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Last box!

Last box!

The calendar can also be purchased from Fullers, The Hobart Book Shop, Dymocks Hobart, The State Cinema Bookshop, Sandy Bay Newsagency, South Hobart Post Office and Deja Vu Books.

Fancy signed prints of all the images are also available:

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