Sandy And People I Am Going To See

Indulge me if you will, there is no political satire, incisive or otherwise in this post and also there is a “posting my 6yo daughter’s artwork” warning.

I have been feeling a little sad about my mum dying earlier in the year the last few days and today, out of the blue, two people separately contacted me and said nice things about her.

Later I was attempting to convert the studio from “disaster area” to just “shambles” and found a book drawn by my daughter Kate just before we were driving to Adelaide to visit her grandfather and also my sister Liesl (who owns two dogs Bronte and Heidi).

Anyway, all things considered, it ended up being quite a nice day. Here is the book.

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  1. That’s such a moving tribute by Kate to your wonderful family Jon. It’s already a beautiful children’s book. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Sorry to hear your Mum died. Fond memories of Sandy’s smiling face from Mt Stuart Primary days.
    Best to you all.

  2. Lovely Kate. Maybe she’s following in mum’s footsteps with her writing….and she draws me like you used to. Uh oh, another cartoonist in the family?

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