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The Australian 11 September 2013

The Australian 11 September 2013

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  1. The cartoon depiction here of Australia’s new Prime Minister is a rather clever depiction of the rugged outdoors-man that has become this new Liberal Leader.
    A former Prime Ministerial candidate in the name of John Hewson had attempted this same embodiment of persuasion in his wearing the same uniform of ‘budgie smugglers,’ as was captured back in the days of his try-out for the top job, by displaying his torso, yet that had failed to excite Australia’s voting public.
    However Tony Abbott was able to project that extra special something which strange as it may be, seems to be his liberal coat of shaggy body hair, (or maybe it was the blue tie) that must have propelled this ‘budgie smuggler’ candidate into the chair as Australia’s new Prime Minister.

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