A Woman’s Touch

The Australian 17 September 2013

The Australian 17 September 2013

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  1. All I’m wondering is, if he scratched out “ladies” and wrote in “lady”… how did the position of “a” change?

  2. Prefer a competent human being than one who is chosen on the basis of their gender! You can trust Tony Abbott as he is one of the few honest “pollies” I’ve met. Bronwyn Bishop is 10,000% superior to Peter Slippery and will make a brilliant Speaker of the House. She actually knows constitutional law! Julie Bishop is superb and it is beneath Ita Buttrose to belittle her very real achievements. Its should be above all this pettiness or was she favoured because of her gender alone?

  3. So true missdeako! So what if women continue to be publicly scrutinised on the basis of their appearance and conformity to traditional conceptions of femininity? Women should be rewarded on the basis of merit… that merit should just be measured with a slightly different yardstick based on slightly different parameters and rewarded in slightly different ways so that it doesn’t get in the way of their homely duties. Bias – pfft.

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