Where the money went

11 August 2012

News of the Tas Govt’s new approach to bill settlement brings to mind classics from the golden years like Richard Butler’s ex-gratia payment and the magnificent architectural designs for Hobart’s new railyards hospital with clinically restorative water views which sadly never happened because we, er, DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY ANY MORE AND REALLY GUYS THIS SORT OF STUFF HAS STOPPED BEING FUNNY.

Anyway, I’m sure it’s nobody’s fault, as usual. Perhaps somebody discovered a spotted handfish in Walker Corps’ wallet.

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  1. Did we ever get full accounting for the $276 million Gordon-Franklin Dam settlement back in the mid 80s and how it was spent. & as for Harradine’s Intelligent Island Telstra privatization compo Settlement — less said ( $$$s are still outstanding I am told) .

    & now in 2012 we have got our hands out for another (by an amazing coincidence) $276 million . Has Canberra figured out that $276 million is Tasmania’s price for turning our collective environmental cheeks (bend-over Tassie – have we got something for you!) Hey guys, can’t you even adjust the number upwards for 30 years of inflation! After all .. We are not economic illiterates … are we?

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