The Lukewarm War

The Sunday Telegraph 19 February 2012

I’ve mentioned before that I really couldn’t see the case for Kev getting the arse back then and I can’t really see it now for Julia. I was of course making the rookie mistake of assuming there has to be a good reason for this stuff.

It seems to me, one of Julia’s main problems was in fact the sheer efficiency of her installation as PM. Most of us mugs never saw it coming and there has been a lingering doubt as to whether it was really quite the done thing. Kevin on the other hand has taken the more traditional approach, with the drawn out non-war, phoney protestations that there’s nothing to see here, judicious leaking to the media and so on etc, though he has taken it to extremes somewhat.

At least this time we’ll hopefully see a proper bloodbath and everyone will be able to get on with their lives afterwards.

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  1. Jon, it would seem that you and I are men of the 20th century, as you state you couldn’t see much reason for either challenge. It seems that logic and common sense are are things of the past. The real story I suspect has more to do with the whims of the AWU, men such as Bill Ludwig and Paul Howes and how they feel on certain days.

  2. It’s a pity the same drive and efficiency at installing Julia didn’t extend to the rest of the government’s programs…

  3. People forget how dysfunctional the Government had become in those last few months of Ruddism. It wasn’t the polls that brought him down so much as Cabinet ministers unable to get any stuff moving through his office. Gillard has been a much more effective administrator and “chief executive” who’s achieved some quality policy and legislative outcomes. She’s being brought down by an 18-month campaign of attrition, gleefully helped along by Neo-Con Limited, which she’s been unable to counter.

  4. I think people in the ALP probably forget that the voters couldn’t give the tiniest stuff about the poor widdle cabinet ministers and their nasty boss, so having the PM they thought they voted for summarily removed by the likes of Mark “Couldn’t Find His Arse With Both Hands, A Copy Of Gray’s Anatomy And An Attending Physician” Arbib and his cretinous cronies from the blunt cutlery end of the ALP probably didn’t please them much.

    Being smugly lectured by ALP types that the voters don’t actually get a say in who gets to PM and they should just suck it up will also end rather badly at the bit where they in fact do get a say I suspect, no matter how hard they try to blame the media for their own completely self-inflicted catastrophic blunders.

  5. This situation has all stemmed from the treachery of the AWU bosses, Ludwig and Howes. We should have a Royal Commission into the corruption or otherwise of the AWU.

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