Mentioning the right war

The Australian 21 February 2012

Yesterday, the government finally released the Gonski review into how education gets paid for, no doubt kicking off a long and painful  series of advertising campaigns by the various interest groups involved, except for the kids of course who will have to suck it up.

There’s always going to be an enormous stink about who gets what in something as fundamental as education funding, but it’s the big stink we have to have. The review’s been in the bottom drawer for a while now, hopefully the PM will “bring it on”, take a risk and make the resulting barney more interesting than the soap opera about the leadership of the Labor Party.

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  1. It is certainly high time that the 66% of public students attracted at least 66% of the funding. This is only “a fair go” for the majority of students, and cannot be argued against with any logic or common sense.

  2. Why not use “fundamental” in the conservation, after all we have funding going to fundamentalist sect and cult schools, which in my humble opinion have no right to expect tax payers funding for their lunatic activities.

  3. Anyone who has trouble with the concept that 66% of government funding should go to the 66% of Australian students attending public schools in Australia obviously has no concept of fairness, given that public schools are the primary responsibility of the federal government.

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