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The Hobart Mercury 4 February 2012

While William Goldman’s book Adventures In The Screen Trade is about the movie business, most of it applies equally to politics, especially his central thesis “nobody knows anything” which all politicians, staffers, journos and cartoonists should get their iPhones to repeat to them on the hour.

The sequel Which Lie Did I Tell?: More Adventures In The Screen Trade is also worth a read.

PS “Nobody knows anything” probably doesn’t mean quite what you think it means unless you’ve read the book, and yes, Goldman also wrote The Princess Bride.

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  1. Goldman’s Adventure books are essential reading for anyone in any business, whether as an owner or staff member.

  2. This is make believe on the part of the tories. We like Kevin, but don’t want him back as Prime Minister. We certainly don’t want Bill Shorten (AWU stooge) as Prime Minister, and we absolutely don’t want Abbott and the (servants of the rich) Liberals either.

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