It’s the economy, stupid, with an emphasis on the stupid

Tony’s gone all Dirty Harry on the economy, and Julia’s sloganned right back at him. Essentially, it’s going to be a year of politicians shouting stuff about the economy at each other, a small proportion of which may bear some tangential relationship to reality. This however, is not an inditement of politicians, but merely an explanation of how economics works.

Okay, that was mean. Economists are good people doing a difficult job under trying circumstances etc and they have graphs to prove it.

Anyway, it looks like Tony and Joe have unsurprisingly got their numbers wrong right from the start (paywalled link). Personally, I blame their caterers.

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  1. Personally I think Abbott has done a wonderful job since he’s been Opposition Leader, he has only made a handful of blunders whereas before he was appointed he had a long history of same. He and Big Joe don’t exactly make a fearsome couple in the same way Hawke and Keating for example did. On economics nobody really knows the ins and outs of the beast, but the Gillard/Swan team seem to be making a much better fist of it than their opponents are.

  2. Steaming onwards Mr Kudelka. All a little too funny, when you look away from your excellent cartoon I’m overwhelmed by the serious grunting stuttering truth in what you say. I’d cross the street if I saw him coming, I reckon those flat feet would slow the feckless wannabes reflexes long ’nuff for me to do draw a word on his mug.

  3. In the end Australia deserves a better Opposition Leader than Abbott. Economics is as easy or difficult as we want to make it. In the end it is all about priorities, Abbott’s priorities seem to change as he travels, when in England he says Australia’s economy is good, when he’s in Australia he says it bad. The bloke is a hypocrite and a very shallow man.

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