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The Australian 15 February 2012

The morning after Monday’s Four Corners episode, I imagine the clacking of keys in the corridors of power was deafening as every single sitting member of parliament hastily deleted their Prime Ministerial/party leadership acceptance speech from their computer.

Honestly, the idea that Julia was planning to give Kev the nudge at least a couple of weeks in advance is actually a bit more comforting than the thought that it was all somebody else’s idea and she only heard about it at the last minute, especially if that somebody else was Mark Arbib, the sort of chap who, if given management of a chook raffle, would ensure that the chook had died in vain.

The one perhaps alarming part of the mostly non-alarming if slightly depressing Four Corners episode was the bit where Kevin asked Julia for a bit more time to turn things around and our current Prime Minister, numero uno, head cheese etc left to room to ask if that was okay, which does bear thinking about.

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  1. Personally, I think this is a storm in a teacup, the only thing it highlights yet again for me is the AWU control of the ALP, and how treacherous the likes of Howes and Ludwig can be.

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