One person’s clean energy is another’s gross market distortion

The Australian 4 January 2012

The economics is in and our markets are in extreme danger of being distorted which will be very bad. Or something. This is by no stretch of the imagination being at all alarmist by the way.

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  1. Very good. I wonder if there is some standard work that records the objections to environmental concerns through history, maybe starting during the industrial revolution. It would make interesting reading in hindsight and might point the way to the future. Every previous effort must have “distorted the markets” too. Of course the markets don’t price in the actual air and water do they.

  2. We do have a Carbon Tax which does the same for a lot less. But I’m sure there are a lot of “industrialists” who will gladly take the money on offer…

  3. I think you forgot the “in theory” bit after “which” there, Oliver. But yes, probably it will mostly get pissed up against the wall, but then you never know your luck.

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