The reverse reverse Santa

The Australian, 6 December 2011

Okay, I’ve boldly called it for an interest rate on the front page of the Oz this morning, but I’ve always thought I’d be an excellent Governor of the Reserve Bank. Just front up once a month and press up, down or stay the same. Nearly as cushy as drawing pictures for a living.

Anyway, my thinking is that Europe’s going to do a reverse Santa and go around the world nipping down chimneys and taking all our stuff, so the Reserve is going to be reverse reverse Santa and give some of it back. So it’s kind of cheery news in a mildly terrifying sort of way.

Economics, huh? Anyway, if there is an interest rate cut, you definitely should splash out on a calendar and stimulate the economy. Do it for Australia, because otherwise I’ll be forced to become Governor of the Reserve Bank and then we’re all stuffed.

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