Kyle Sandilands, a nation turns its weary ears to you

The Sunday Telegraph 27 November

A lot has been said about Kyle Sandilands and rather than add too much to the pile, I’m going to put a thought out there. It’s not a pleasant one, so I’ve put down my latte and I suggest you follow suit because it’s a choking hazard: there are people who quite like listening to shock jocks.

If you’re reading this blog and it’s not for the purposes hunting me down, then you probably aren’t one of these people and I salute you for it, but clearly there is money in being an unpleasant person in public, and as a professional stirrer myself (though I like to think a more stylish and refined one) I discreetly dips me lid to the guy for fulfilling his brief so comprehensively.

There’s the usual reverse backlash about sneering elitists feeling superior to Kyle and his listeners, but in some respects this sort of stuff democratises elitism by lowering the bar so much that pretty much anybody can feel superior if they so wish. So sneer away, I say. Consider it shock-jockery’s contribution to a fairer and more democratic society.

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  1. I’d comment but I’m frightened that Kyle would hunt me down. Incidentally has anyone seen Kyle and Adam Richard in the same room?

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