Mandatory non-precommitment

The Australian 8 October 2011

The only politicians who aren’t after their leader’s job are either (a) already the leader or (b) not really politicians. They are all power-hungry megalomaniacs in the same way that all political cartoonists are emotionally insecure sociopaths.

The trick is of course to never actually openly acknowledge this (the megalomania that is, cartoonists need as much kindness and understanding as they can get) as then it all gets a bit awkward.

This might seem a bit silly, but as politics is pretty much the science of avoiding directly mentioning the bleeding obvious in order to minimise unpleasantness, it’s actually quite a good test of who should get the top job.

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  1. I was about to protest “except for Bob!” but the I realized that he is indeed (a) already the leader.
    Well played, Mr Kudelka.

  2. ……
    ……….Oh I don’t *know*! Stop putting me under so much pressure! I can’t just come up with something witty on the spot all the time, you know! Sheesh. It’s no wonder I’m a wreck.

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