Hobson’s Choice

The Hobart Mercury 4 October 2011

Momentary breakings of ranks aside, I think we all know that when the Libs get their crack at Exploring The Possibilities, all the possibilities will miraculously involve Business As Usual.

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  1. With freedom (of choice) comes responsibility. Does no freedom (of choice) infer no responsibility? If so, it defeats the purpose of democracy nicely.

  2. A mutual friend asked me to post this on your page after responding to her post of the above.

    ‘I really feel that the limp political will in Australia these days is a direct result of over a decade of dumbing down of the Australian (and abroad) public on political matters, focusing them on trivial and infinitesimal matters to distract from reality… propaganda if you will, which has been renamed ‘media’. The consequence is that even the strong once in politics are so tightly bound to the whim of the drone masses that they are largely committed to perpetuating the same bs. Its a shame… this is a time which could truly define the term paradigm shift.’

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