A Tale Of Two Hospitals

I was making a mostly futile effort to organise my files and came across this cartoon I did for Oslo Davis’ excellent Drawn From Life magazine from the Melbourne Writers’ Festival.

The brief was to do something about your own life, which is marvellously self-indulgent but quite hard to do when you’re tuned into being nasty to politicians day in and day out. Anyway, I agonised over it til just after the deadline and ended up knocking out A Tale Of Two Hospitals about a rather fraught period in my life neatly summed up by a fortune cookie.

Bear with it, I attempted to cram a lot into a fairly small space and it has a non-family-newspaper-friendly word in it, but it’s got a happy ending (click on it for a bigger version).


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  1. This is beautiful. You encapsulate perfectly the beginning and (almost) end of life. A comfort for all of us going through either hospital experience.

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