The wisdom to know the difference

The Australian 1 September 2011

I’m not a religious fellow, but if I were Julia Gillard, I’d be looking to a higher being than the High Court this morning, so if I may suggest a short prayer (“god” can be removed or replaced with deity of choice as required)…

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

One humbly (and possibly optimistically) submits that rock bottom has been reached and perhaps it’s time to stop listening to the focus groups.

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  1. She is at the bottom of the gully, let alone the barrel, the opinion polls have never been so bad, Tony cannot possibly do her any further harm, she has nothing further to lose – why not take on the job of governing the country, maybe bring on some much needed but unpopular policies that will help secure our future? Forget the carbon tax, whack on a decent minerals bounty, the miners are ready for it.

  2. How true, Jon, how true . . .

    Come on, Julia, go for broke and do some sensible governing now.

    It’s so sad that the quality of government is in decline. That simply leads to further electoral cynicism and, ultimately, disengagement.

  3. Julia, the ALP will lose the next election and lose it in spades if you keep pandering to the swingers.Consider the reason the ALP continues to exist: some of us want a social democrat approach to government rather than a traditional conservative approach. So, process arrivals here, put them out into the community with help for all especially children, restore equity to educational funding instead of this nonsense of ‘no school will have its funding reduced’, simp-lify and restore equty to the tax system so that the PAYG group cease to be the suckers supporting public services at the expense of those who can minimise/avoid tax (especially the global companies that can distribute losses and profits as they wish across the globe)and also introduce special taxes to those companies that are making exceptional levels of profit and paying most of that overseas.

  4. I’m actually rather looking forward to a moment when Tony has his mitts on the reins. Just think of the opportunities for the cartoonists when a self confessed conviction politician learns that power in government equals compromise. And
    Tony struggles with compromise even in opposition.

  5. As they say “You’ve hit the nail on the head” on this series of immigration cartoons. Thanks.

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