The Good Samaritan Grittily Rebooted For Our Modern Times

The Australian 22 September 2011


A5 print $44 [wp_cart:good_samaritans_print_A5:price:44.00:end]

A4 print $66 [wp_cart:good_samaritans_print_A4:price:66.00:end]

A3 print $88 [wp_cart:good_samaritans_print_A3:price:88.00:end]

Also available as a t-shirt, though there is quite a lot of writing, so people will be staring at your chest for quite a while. Buy at own risk.

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  1. When will we find a leader who chooses to follow the wishes of the Australian people? When will a leader pour scorn on their “backroom pollsters” who believe that Western Sydney is all of Australia? When will decency and compassion again have a place in Australian politics?

    When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn!

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