The Australian 14 September 2011

History is, we’re told, judging the glorious procession of the carbon tax through parliament, though with any luck it’s only started watching now and missed the bit where the Coalition dumped Turnbull for acting like a grownup or where the Greens voted the ETS down because it didn’t have enough basket weaving or where Gillard encouraged Rudd to squib the ETS or the bit where she promised not to introduce a carbon tax before the election, and then, well….

Anyway, that’s all history, but not, you know, History.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a long 35 hours. Let’s hope the grownups prevail this time.

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  1. Thanks Jon.
    I invariably share your cartoons on Facebook, and get comments and re-shares from friends all over the world!!
    You so often strike a universal chord – but I DID have to explain to one Australian what the Light on the Hill was . . . .

  2. I just love your cartoon with negative Tony saying Noooooo. It so wonderfully shows his approach. as was mentioned on insiders you could almost have put any government initiative and the cartoon would still have work. Congratulations on a truly great piece…..Geoff

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