Cut out the cartoon first

The Australian 15 September 2011

Nobody likes journalists, and neither they should. Awful people, mostly drunk, and not in a good way.

Fortunately there’s going to be an inquiry which will conclusively show that newspapers are biased, particularly when what is being read does not correspond with what the person reading it wants to hear.

It will also show that print media’s pretty much buggered and in a few years it will all be on ipads with an app that perfectly aligns the bias of the content with the bias of the reader so there’s that fixed.

While we’re waiting for this utopia to be realised, feel free to follow the steps above (though cut out the cartoon and place it lovingly on your fridge first). It will make you feel better about everything that is wrong with the world and probably sober up the journalist a bit. Of course, buying a paper may prolong the inevitable demise of print somewhat so you might want to factor that in.

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  1. Lovely Cartoon. You will still have work in Singapore at he Strait (not Straight) Times for a good while as this is more of a proporganda mnachine than most Austrlain papers. It is hard to think that this is possible – but Journalist here don’t last long if they are critical of the PAP. (Peoples Actioon Party) or alias LKY & his mob.

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