Kevin flies again!

No, it’s not the greatest political comeback since Lazurus’ triple bypass, but the above Be Free, Kevin! just won the People’s Choice Award for the Behind the Lines 2010 exhibition at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta after winning it previously in Canberra, proving that both Parramattans and Canberrans have excellent taste.

The exhibition is travelling to Perth next, so do go along (feel free to vote for some other cartoon if you really must). It’s an excellent summation of a vintage year for political cartooning in Australia.

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  1. Well deserved too! It’s a bit of a coincidence that this particular cartoon popped up on FB just now. I was thinking of it this morning when describing to an American colleague why a much-travelled politician is commonly nick-named “Nutmeg” (ie – “because s/he’s always on a Junket”) and for some *inexplicable* reason, my thoughts turned to Kevin Rudd and then to this priceless cartoon! =)

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