Which came first, the omelette or the egg?

The Sunday Telegraph 19 June 2011

In hindsight, one of Julia’s biggest mistakes was in dispatching Kevin with such terrifying efficiency. Firstly, it set somewhat unrealistically high expectations of her capacity to get the job done, and secondly it left Kevin floating around the place like a slightly bemused ghost who’s not quite sure what just happened.

Anyway, while last year there wasn’t much time for the traditional drawn-out leadership tensions we’ve come to expect and enjoy (taken to farcical extremes by Peter Costello in the previous decade), it’s pretty much inevitable that there’s going to be a little bit of chat about it on the anniversary of Kevin’s demise as PM, if only to get it out of everyone’s systems.

It seems inconceivable that the ALP could possibly contemplate unscrambling the egg, much less putting Kevin back together. My pet theory is that the whole crazy episode was precipitated by most of the Labor Party being driven completely insane from sleep deprivation caused by trying to keep up with Kevin’s 24/7 work schedule and while the polls will probably  be keeping most of them up at night, I can’t quite see that level of madness creeping in again.

But hey, at least it makes a change from talking about climate change and refugees.

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