Not even if we were the last two people on Earth…

The Australian 2 June 2011

Most of the grownups now seem to be at least publicly on the same page that climate change actually exists, so apart from the argument that nobody should do anything until somebody else does, which of course means never doing anything ever, the actual point of contention seems to be how much the carbon price per tonne should be.

If memory serves, the Greens want something around $40 and Tony of course is plumping for $0, or less if at all possible. Using the scientific principle of splitting the difference between Tony and Bob, somewhere in the vicinity of $20 looks like a fair bet, maybe a few dollars on either side depending on whether the wind’s blowing in a La Nina or El Nino direction at the time.

Politics aside, if Tony and Julia do turn out to be the last breeding pair of the human race, it’s probably best to just give another species a crack at it.

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  1. Hi Jon,
    Yes climate has been changing since the year dot, and will continue to do so. No doubt about it!
    Not sure if we can do much about it though. I have spent many hours poring over charts, looking at both sides of the anthropogenic arguement.
    There is quite a lot of information that seems to make sense to me from both sides.
    However, what is apparent is a cult of climate change, where a degree of intellectual totalitarianism exists that if you question the cult, then you are howled down and treated with utmost scorn.
    This wonderful old planet of ours has coped mighty fine with comet strikes, biblical floods etc and still managed to survive.
    I am in favour of reducing pollution, and yet I feel that elimination of poverty and reducing religious frictions may be more important to our race than worrying about the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

  2. Look, Peter, Hailey, I’m usually a little wary of letting kiddies comment on the blog, but you’ve obviously gone to a lot of trouble, especially Hailey with the Googling.

    It’s natural for the young to question grown-ups and it certainly is possible that you could be right and all of those actual climate scientists are wrong!

    Keep up the good work and stay in school!



  3. HAHAHAHAAAAAA! Nice work Jon, Gus & John! Hailey – clearly the old “photocopying is learning” adage that prevailed when I was a student has now been replaced with “googling is knowing” – thanks for keeping us up to date on what young folk are up to these days. Peter – the thing is that world poverty and religious conflict are really quite tricky things to solve, whereas tackling climate change/pollution is actually quite doable where the will exists, so maybe if we stopped bickering and just got on and did that, then we could move on and tackle the big jobs…
    Common sense also sucks, doesn’t it.

  4. Awesome, just awesome! Excellent calls Jon K and Viv; and thanks for the wicked link John H.

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