Kite Mimes up @ Spacebar Gallery

acrylic on canvas 25cm x 30cm (no frame)

This has been a bit of a favourite in the studio for a while, but I have generously decided to give someone the chance to have it on their wall for real cash money. $440 inc GST from Spacebar Gallery off Wooby’s Lane in Salamanca.

If you want to buy it and you’re not in the neighbourhood, it’s $460 inc postage. Contact me to buy as I’ll have to check it isn’t already sold.

UPDATE: The Kite Mimes original is sold! Prints still available.

It’s also available as a signed print (image size approx 17cm x 20cm). Prices include GST and delivery.

Kite Mimes print unframed $66 [wp_cart:kite_mimes_print_unframed:price:66.00:end]

Kite Mimes print framed $240 [wp_cart:kite_mimes_print_framed:price:240.00:end]




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