The Great Cate Hate

The Australian 30 May 2011

I may well be alone on this, but looking at the big picture for a moment, if the human race really requires a celebrity advertising campaign in order to be saved, it is possible that the human race doesn’t deserve saving.

However, if we must have some sort of advertising campaign, these are the people who should be excluded from participating: Cate Blanchett, other rich people who don’t altruistically oppose a carbon tax on behalf of poor people earning less than $150000 per year, climate scientists who are, frankly, ruining it for everyone and anybody else who in any way thinks cutting back on burning fossil fuels isn’t crazy talk.

Sure, climate change may be real, but actually doing anything about it would involve quite a lot of mucking about. Best let the grandkids sort it out.


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  1. I think “Our Cate” is earnest and well-meaning. I also think that climate change is real and is starting to rear its ugly head.
    It’s a shame that the pollies have turned this into a meaningless wrangle that is focused on generating votes. Let’s see some real debate that is focused on pushing us ahead in the climate change game. Our strength is innovation – lets use it to do something special and export our skills to the world!
    Then we will be able to rely on “normal” people with real experience rather than celebrities to promote us.

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