The awning of a new age of petty bureaucracy

7 May 2011

Sometimes when the world seems full of testosterone, belligerence and people cheerfully murdering each other, it’s good to get mad about something really petty. Thank you, red awnings.

A4 print $66 [wp_cart:awnings_print_A4:price:66.00:end]

A3 print $88 [wp_cart:awnings_print_A3:price:88.00:end]


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  1. Here here!! Talking about awnings is worse than talking about the weather, the lights at Bellerive or Agfest…beats the Royal Wedding though I suppose.

  2. …but, but, but they’re RED. Think of the potential dangers – 1)mild-mannered Hobartians may spy the colour of passion and be suddenly inflamed with lust; 2)passing bulls may become enraged, turning lower Murray St into a mini-Pamplona; or 3)sneaky Communists (is there any other kind?) may infiltrate, using the awnings for camouflage.

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