Science and Tony’s left foot

The Australian 26 May 2011

Science, being somewhat based on facts, has never really gotten on with politics or religion, which get on with each other famously due to their more human nature friendly facts-optional approaches.


The trouble is that the overwhelming majority of people who actually know what they’re talking about on this topic (ie climate scientists, do sit down Senator Minchin) are telling a story that people don’t want to hear, and the natural human response to this annoying category of facts is similar to that of a person who loudly insists that red wine contains healthy antioxidants whilst busily cracking open their third bottle for the morning.

The wishful thinkers have it right in one respect, the inconvenient truth about science is that by definition, “the science” is never really in. The guiding principle of scientists is a rather perverse striving to prove themselves wrong, and in this particular case I for one hope they do. But they haven’t yet, and it seems unlikely that they will.

Probably time to crack open another bottle.

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  1. Mr Kudelka.

    Love it, love it, love it.

    Keep up the good probing n funny work.

    Regards, John

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